Why AkiSens?

The name is inspired by the AkiSens dog breed AKITA. High fidelity, kind, and very loyal to their master. In fact, the Akita dogs are very well known in North America, but especially in Japan where they became a national symbol of loyalty, protection and security for the Japanese. This dog represents the spirit of family loyalty that everyone should try to achieve.

And it is with this spirit of loyalty to our customers that we have chosen our mission: to provide the best service with our quality products. Thus, we offer the best possible protection against water damage to your furniture and property.

High quality and performance products

The smart system has been developed with top quality products.

Customer service

We offer excellent customer service. We work with clients


We are an experienced team

Risk management

We guide our clients towards a sound risk management of their properties


  • Quality/Performance
  • Customer service
  • Team
  • Risk management

Stats & Facts


Smart Systems installed

$ 2 Billion

Claims for water damage (Canada)


New condominium projects

30 000+

Water Leak Detections (AkiSens probe)

Trust us

Let us do the work